A growing number of companies and organizations choose SyNTHEMA innovative solutions to communicate in a more effective way, through the most natural medium, that is voice. Our speech-based solutions (available in multiple languages) are specifically designed to improve customer satisfaction, by allowing to access information ANYTIME and ANYWHERE in a most intuitive way.

SyNTHEMA is a leading company for Speech Technology in Italy, and a pioneer in professional solutions for Digital Audio workflow management based on language and speech-recognition technology.

With a constantly growing trend of station and platform implementation in Italy, SyNTHEMA has acquired a prominent status in this business area: more than 9000 professionals, public institutions, hospitals and private people use SyNTHEMA digital solutions everyday to improve their reporting workflow.

During 15 years of Research and Development activities, SyNTHEMA has worked together with the main leaders in the business, such as NUANCE and IBM, to design and develop technologies and solutions for:

  • Automatic speech-to-text transcription of digital audio for reporting, meeting minute recording, concise transcription and stenography for Public Institutions, Judicial Courts, Local Authorities, University, etc.

  • Automatic subtitling for broadcasting

  • Medical reporting