SemanticTechnologyInformation is exchanged mainly by means of natural language, in both written and vocal form. Natural language processing is one of the main development areas of Information Technology. SyNTHEMA enjoys a long-standing reputation in this field with a constant focus on Technology Research for the development of Tools and Resources, as well as Software Products and Solutions dedicated to natural language processing. SyNTHEMA Linguistic e Semantic Technology is epitomized in SyN Semantic Center™.

SyN Semantic Center™ is an advanced technology platform that allows to perform the linguistic and semantic analysis of any piece of information, such as documents, Web pages, discussion groups, forums, chats, e-mails, databases, scientific and technical publications. By means of sophisticated linguistic analysis functions, this platform can detect the key elements of any text, according to different criteria: morphology, syntax, logics, and semantics. Firstly, morpho-syntactic analysis classifies each word from a grammatical point of view, so as to reduce the number of concepts describing a text. For instance, in a text dealing with politics or business, proper names of people, places and organizations can be used to easily identify a specific thematic category, while adjectives in an e-mail or a blog message can indicate whether a product or a service is positively or negatively rated. Secondly, logic-functional analysis helps identify who is doing what, how, when and where. Finally, semantic analysis interprets the underlying meaning of each single word. SyN Semantic Center™ supports 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

SyNTHEMA offers a wide range of products and solutions based on SyN Semantic Center™.