SyNTHEMA technology for overcoming language barriers

TranslationTechnologySyNTHEMA has long been committed to developing comprehensive translation automation tools and solutions, from terminology management utilities to automatic translation systems (MT and CAT). The term Automatic Translation refers to the possibility of getting the most out of leading-edge technology to translate any kind of text, with considerable advantages in terms of productivity, costs and quality. Automatic Translation has always been a challenge for scientists in all research areas involved, such as information technology, computational linguistics and artificial intelligence.

SyNTHEMA state-of-the-art technology proves that Automatic Translation has become a reality today through perfect integration in the PeTra family of products and in advanced solutions such as Terminology Wizard and Webcat. Automatic Translation tools are now affordable for anyone needing to translate technical documents, business letters or any other kind of text, on either a single PC or a corporate intranet.

PeTra uses a highly advanced rule-based Machine Translation technology developed by SyNTHEMA. The core process of Machine Translation is based on the transfer of the grammatical and semantic structure of the source language into the target language, through broad-coverage grammars and dictionaries. The first step consists in the analysis of the source text, with the aim of determining its syntactic structure and thus solving any ambiguity issues. Contrastive grammar rules are applied to match corresponding syntactic structures in both languages. The system tries to build an equivalent syntactic structure in the target language based on a bilingual dictionary and then completes the process by generating the correct text in the target language.

Terminology Wizard is a professional Terminology Analysis tool for creating electronic dictionaries. It examines monolingual and bilingual corpora and extracts the relevant terminology based on user-definable morpho-syntactic criteria. In a specific user environment, the terminology specialist can easily manage the extracted term list and perform tasks, such as in-context review of terms and evaluation of system-generated translation proposals on the basis of bilingual corpora. The newly created dictionaries can then be imported into Machine Translation (MT) and Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and used during translation.

Webcat is a CAT system specifically developed for educational purposes. It integrates Machine Translation and automatic Terminology Detection features within a unique Web-based environment, perfectly in line with the current translation and localization standards.