SyNTHEMA technology is epitomized in SyN Semantic Center™, an innovative multimedia platform designed to overcome information access barriers.

SyN Semantic Center™ allows to perform the linguistic and semantic analysis of multimedia contents in 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

At its core, this platform features the Knowledge Discoverer Engine, a Linguistic Engine for Conceptual Indexation. The platform is also complemented with 6 functional modules allowing to implement a wide variety of solutions:

  1. Semantic Search Engine
    This module allows users to make queries in natural language and easily retrieve documents including the concepts they are looking for.
  2. Categorization Engine
    This module automatically organizes texts, assigning them to customized and predefined thematic categories.
  3. Clustering Engine
    This module automatically organizes texts based on spontaneous clustering, according to a classification scheme which is not known in advance.
  4. Entity Extraction Engine
    This module allows to retrieve pieces of information from text and organize them in a database.
  5. Automatic Translation Engine
    This module automatically translates text into the user’s native language.
  6. Speech Engine
    This module transcribes the recorded speech of Audio and/or Video files, and processes information according to conceptual criteria, allowing to search for data and point to specific moments.

SyN Semantic Center™ is integrated with External Input and Output Modules connecting to the central system through specific plug-ins:

  1. The External Input Modules point to data sources (Web sites, FTP sites, newsgroups, gopher, e-mail servers, commercial search engines such as Google, MSN, etc.) and collect document material at regular intervals.
  2. The External Output Modules take search and/or processing results and convert them to a format that is different from the original (e.g. Text to Speech).