Solutions for Voice Transcription (Audio and Video), Automatic Subtitling, Tagging, Video & Audio Mining

Multimedia content has spread dramatically throughout the world: finding the right information at the right time, especially in the new media, has become a must for today’s business. Our Speech Analytics solutions allow companies to index, segment, automatically align, and extract information, as well as transcribe digital audio and video content, making it easily accessible and cutting down costs for extracting value from digital assets.


iSyN Speech &
Video Report
Radiology result reporting, Transcription of spoken events, Transcription of legal proceedings and court cases.
iSyN Speech &
Video Transcriber

Automatic transcription of spoken events (audio, vocal video), Audio Mining, vocal interfaces.
iSyN Speech &
Video Tagging

Automatic audio and video file tagging, Word Spotting, Speech Analytics.
iSyN Speech &
Video Subtitle
Live Respeaking, Automatic Subtitling.
iSyN Speech &
Video Aligner

Automatic Subtitling, Automatic audio and text alignment, Speech clustering and segmentation.