Knowledge Management Solutions

In today’s highly competitive and fast paced world of Information Technology, the in-depth knowledge of your business environment provides the right way to competitive advantage. Effective information management has a significant impact on company productivity and effectiveness in the marketplace. Most electronic documents, accounting for 80% of all relevant information for a company, are available on the Web and in company intranets. Documents have different formats, and they are written in different languages for users with different interests and knowledge degrees. Once transformed into usable knowledge, these documents can be an inexhaustible and always up-to-date data source, on which companies can base their decision-making processes. Despite this, about 50% of the time spent on information processing activities is used for searching and looking up documents, 10% is related to unsuccessful searching, while another 20% is taken up by total or partial text rewriting. Better knowledge management means improving company productivity and competitive edge.


iSyN Knowledge Center A platform for managing, analyzing, extracting and structuring knowledge.
iSyN KC FAQ An automatic answering module for natural language queries, giving accurate answers to any user question.
FAQ Plus
An automatic answering module for natural language queries, giving accurate answers to any user question. It includes features for managing the workflow of questions whose answer is unknown: ticketing, automatic ticket assignment, messaging, FAQ creation/update.
Entity Extractor
A module for extracting meaningful entities from documents. It automatically detects person, organization or company names, towns, street addresses, telephone numbers, and Web or e-mail addresses.
Questions & Answers
An automatic answering module for natural language queries. It analyzes e-mail messages sent to a company, or information contained in a Web form, and sends an automatic answer to customers, thus freeing employees from such activities as monitoring queries, browsing for the correct answer, writing and sending replies, with considerable cost savings and customer satisfaction growth.
Cost Control
A Cost Control module.
iSyN Translator An Automatic Translation module, specifically designed to minimize the user’s translation and review effort.