Intelligence & Text Mining Solutions

SyNTHEMA Intelligence & Text Mining solutions provide the best way to monitor information sources and automatically detect any data of potential interest. Web pages, patents, scientific publications, e-mails and phone calls can be an inexhaustible source of information, providing the foundation for predicting relevant trends in politics or economics, and offering new interpretation keys for reality. Text Mining and Semantics are “the answer” to Information Overload in Automatic Data Management.


iSyN Homeland
A multi and cross-language Knowledge Mining solution for OSINT & Homeland Security. This system provides features for monitoring text data sources (Web/FTP sites, gopher, blogs, forums, newsgroups, chats, e-mails), including databases and file repositories, for extracting data and classifying texts into homogeneous content groups. Classification is based on spontaneous clustering or predefined and customizable thematic categories. Data research and content classification are performed according to language-independent criteria. A module is included for automatically translating any relevant document.
iSyN Government
A multi and cross-language Knowledge Mining solution for OSINT & Homeland Security, integrated with country data sheets (Geography, Politics, Economy, Customs and Traditions), including their government, majority and opposition politicians, political parties, criminals, terrorists and relevant organizations.
iSyN Business Intelligence
A Text Mining solution for Business Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence. The system extracts knowledge from (un)structured document sources, (Web, databases or corporate file repositories) allowing to perform intelligent information searches and data classification by spontaneous or supervised clustering.
iSyN Technology

Text Mining solution for technology monitoring. The system extracts knowledge from structured scientific and technical document sources (Espacenet, USPTO, Thomson-Derwent, etc.) allowing to perform intelligent information searches, data classification by spontaneous clustering, and time-based data projection.
iSyN News &
Press Report

A customized newsletter, with information profiling and user segmentation (e.g. Patents by category).
iSyN WebSentiment
A monitoring solution for Web Sentiment & Web Analysis. The system analyzes the posts of a blog, detects the feedback from users, and rates its positive or negative value. Through appropriate data projections, it is possible to measure with an excellent approximation the customer satisfaction level in relation to specific business initiatives or campaigns. If a company name or brand is placed in the “word space” and assessed against criteria such as “good”, “beautiful”, “young” and “reassuring”, you will be able to discover the real attitude of actual or potential users towards the products or services offered by the company or brand.
iSyN Personal

Workstation solutions for Intelligence Services, Public Security Offices and Judicial Courts.