Translation & Localization Services

With a long-standing presence in the globalization market, SyNTHEMA boasts a great experience as a translation and localization service provider in a wide range of business sectors: from Information Technology to Finance, from Marketing to e-Learning.

Our mission is enabling our clients to communicate the right message to their target audience.

SyNTHEMA localization team have the know-how, flexibility and expertise to provide full translation & localization services at competitive prices. By perfectly integrating linguists with technical expertise and engineers with a sound linguistic background, we've built a dynamic multi-functional team to ensure that even the most challenging targets are met.

Focused on providing turn-key solutions to reach the global market, we also offer services such as software engineering and testing, DTP, functional and linguistic QA, terminology management, content internationalization and authoring.


Main areas of expertise

Information Technology

hardware, software, ERP, CRM, e-commerce, CAD, networking, telecommunications, Web


manuals, booklets, catalogs

Business and Finance

corporate management, insurance and bank services, auditing

Marketing and Advertising

brochure, press releases, newsletters, packaging, corporate presentations, product cards


courseware on various subjects, from software products to corporate communication strategies

Life Sciences

electronic medical devices, research protocols, informed consents, SPCs, package leaflets, essays

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