SemanticTechnologySemantic Technology

SyN Semantic Centerâ„¢ allows the linguistic and semantic analysis of any piece of information from documents, Web pages, discussion groups, forums, chat, e-mail, database, scientific and technological publications.

TranslationTechnologyTranslation Technology

SyNTHEMA offers a wide range of products and solutions for Machine Translation (MT), Terminology Analysis and Computer Aided Translation (CAT). Our products are based on cutting-edge technology to meet any translation needs, from common user to professional translator and company requirements.

SpeechTechnologySpeech Technology

SyNTHEMA research activities have resulted in a complete range of highly innovative products, based on the most sophisticated Voice Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech technology. Our products and solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs for better communication and higher productivity in a simple and efficient manner, while working with multiple languages in various industry areas.