SyNTHEMA is looking for a Researcher in Automatic Speech Recognition, a Researcher in Natural Language Processing, for a Junior Researcher in Natural Language Processing and for a Junior Developer.

SyNTHEMA will attend CLiC-it, the first Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics that will be held in Pisa from 9th to 10th December.

SyNTHEMA will attend SIRM 2014 National Conference that will be held in Florence from 22nd to 25th May
We'll be pleased to welcome visitors in the Technology Exhibition area at Booth 43, where we'll make live demos of Medical Reporting based on Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation systems:
SyNTHEMA SpeechJive, Radiology Edition, Version 2.0 - "Speech Recognition made easy" and SyNTHEMA DictaSpeech, Pro Edition - "Mobile Speech and Digital Dictation".
For over 20 years SyNTHEMA is a leading innovator in the health sector. Visit us at our booth!

Automated video-based surveillance systems are gaining the attention of an ever increasing research community. They have been traditionally developed based on techniques derived from the fields of computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition. Recently, some approaches have been proposed which aim at exploiting multi-modal data analysis in order to provide a richer context and therefore to enforce the understanding of situations and the support in the decision making process.
The aim of this MUSESUAN 2014 workshop is to bring together researchers from different communities, such as video analytics, data mining, text mining etc., to explore the problems of information extraction, interpretation and fusion in multi-modal surveillance systems. The workshop is organised by members of the MOSAIC EU FP7 research project. For any further information or enquiries please contact Matteo Raffaelli: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SyNTHEMA participates as Bronze Sponsor and exhibitor in the TAL2014 Conference, "HLT and Open Data", that will be held in Turin, on 21st-22nd January 2014. The event is designed to spread innovation in Language Technologies.
SyNTHEMA will present state of art for Automatic Subtitling, Sentiment Analysis and Multimedia Semantic Search.

SyNTHEMA at BTO 2013
SyNTHEMA will participate in BTO 2013, that will take place December 3-4, presenting the European Project OpeNER.
The aim of OpeNER is to provide enterprise and society with cloud services for Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis in the Touristic Domain. Source of these analysis are online users opinions, such as customers reviews (about hotels, venues or whatever) and Social Media talks. Tourism domain offers a wide range of Named Entities that can likely kick off a conversation and therefore contribute to supply a conspicuous corpus for Semantic Analysis. Users opinions have nowadays become a key factor in tourism marketing; consumers tend indeed to trust viewpoints of other consumers. Thanks to OpeNER multi-lingual technologies (the involved languages are Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, English and French) an enterprise can be able to monitor its brand trend and consequently adopt an efficient marketing strategy by focusing on its products rather than the core language resources.
Utilized technologies are publicly available and adaptable to any other domain. OpeNer will be validated by stakeholders in the tourism value chain. OpeNER also aims to set a standard for future research on the same subject for other languages.

SyNTHEMA will showcase at Internet Festival 2013
How long will it take computers to reach the language age? Understanding language is one of the most fascinating challenges to science, because it represents the keystone for real smart systems. SyNTHEMA is willing to address this question and give a contribution to the progress of Language technologies, partecipating at the Internet Festival 2013.
Carlo Aliprandi, International R&D Manager Manager of SyNTHEMA, will give a talk during the Industrial Session of the Workshop "The language age", presenting the state of the art for Speech Transcription and Semantic Analysis.

New speech recognition systems for the German and French languages
SyNTHEMA broadens its language offer, introducing into the market 2 new languages, exploiting models that were developed in cooperation with its partner VOICEINTERACTION within the European Project SAVAS.
The new languages are immediately available in the Speaker Independent Speech Transcription system SpeechScribe.Server! and in SpeechScribe.Live!, the first-of-a-kind online Subtitling system with realtime performances.
SpeechScribe is now available in 10 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, American, Portuguese, Basque, Brasilian, Swiss Italian, German, French.

Federico Neri will have a speech at "L'IMMAGINE PERCEPITA DI BOLOGNA: PRIMO PASSO PER LA COSTRUZIONE DEL BRAND BOLOGNA", hosted at Oratorio di San Filippo Neri, via Manzoni n. 5, the next April 2013, the 18th. SyNTHEMA will show how Bologna is perceived by tourists and citizens by a Sentiment Analysis & Web Reputation study. This study is part of the "Bologna City Branding" project, promoted by Comune di Bologna and made by Urban Center Bologna, together with Prof. Roberto Grandi and Bologna Welcome. This project is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of territorial marketing policies of Bologna, defining the position that the city wants to achieve and identifying the most appropriate strategies to issue it at local, national and international audiences.

Federico Neri, Paolo Mariani and Caterina Liberati, Statistics professors at the University of Milan, partecipate to "VSIS - Il valore della statistica per le imprese e la società - Ricerche di opinione e di mercato". Their speech will deal with Sentiment Analysis applied to Facebook.

SyNTHEMA makes a Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence study on behalf of one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of food. This study, which examines two of its major international competitors, lays out a map of their patent portfolio, trying to identify their possible medium to long term R/D and market strategie. So this study:

  • Analyzes the technological strategies of competitors
  • Identifies innovative products that can be marketed in the near future
  • Identifies the technologies currently used to manufacture the products