SyNTHEMA was established in 1994 by computer scientists from IBM Research Centre, with the aim of developing products, systems and services with high technology content.

SyNTHEMA's bent for innovation and its extensive experience in research and development offers a new level of industrial insight in key areas of Information Technology.

SyNTHEMA provides designing capabilities and products for the solution of complex information-handling problems, with the guarantee of effective "state-of-the-art" results. The main application areas include:


Semantic Technology

SemanticTechnologySyN Semantic Center™ allows the linguistic and semantic analysis of any piece of information, such as documents, Web pages, discussion groups, forums, chats, e-mails, databases, scientific and technical publications. The automatic research and classification of unstructured content have a great relevance in Intelligence, Customer Care, Technology Watch, Web Reputation, Web Sentiment applications.
SyN Semantic Center™ is a multi- and cross-language platform that is able to understand a text and identify any important information included in it, so as to simplify the search and automatic classification of its content. The platform uses dedicated linguistic and semantic resources (Intelligence, Laws and regulations, Healthcare, etc.) and transparently supports the main European languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


Speech Technology

SpeechTechnologySyNTHEMA intensive research activities have resulted in a complete range of highly innovative products, based on the most sophisticated Voice Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech technology. Our products and solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs for better communication and higher productivity in a simple and efficient manner, while working with multiple languages in various industry areas.


Translation Technology

TranslationTechnologySyNTHEMA offers a wide range of products, solutions and services in the Machine Translation (MT) field. Our Translation Technology products are based on industry-leading technologies and they are used as a foundation for the multi-language functionalities of other products.



SyNTHEMA also carries out important research activities, both by collaborating with IBM Laboratories (as an IBM Business Partner) and by participating in several R&D European and Italian project.